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Institute of Recruitment Professionals – Apprenticeships

Institute of Recruitment Professionals – Apprenticeships.

Hire a qualified HR and Recruitment Apprentice

Recruiting the best apprentice candidates

Recruiting the best Apprentice candidates

My Apprentice+ will deliver a new HR and Recruitment Apprenticeship framework from June 2014.
It is designed to do the following
• Meet the skills needs of employers
• Attract new talent into the Recruitment sector
• Help to up-skill the workforce to meet employer skills priorities
• Further ‘professionalise’ the sector.
Advanced apprentices will typically work in job roles such as Trainee Recruitment Consultants or Candidate Resourcing.

The new apprenticeships will offer employers a cost-effective method of developing recruitment skills, knowledge and staff competencies.
By combining on and off-the-job learning, apprentices will develop insights into the recruitment industry and apply their knowledge in their roles.

The new HR and Recruitment Apprenticeship framework was launched in September 2013 and is funded by the Skills Funding Agency to support individuals in two age categories: 16 – 18 and 19+. The Apprenticeships are scheduled to complete over a 12 month period before employment.

The employer has to pay a wage to the Apprentice which as a minimum is £2.65, and to make a contribution of £350 towards the cost of training. There is a grant available for employers to hire an Apprentice aged 18 -24 of £1,500 for businesses with less than 1,000 employees. (Eligibility criteria to be discussed)
Selection of Apprentices
Apprentices will go through a rigorous selection process before starting the programme to ensure we meet the needs of your business.

This is an exciting opportunity for the recruitment industry to firstly hire an Apprentice and secondly have a structured and professional programme resulting in qualified individuals.

The Apprentice Program
The program is a mix of guided learning hours (delivered by My Apprentice+) and on the job learning with the employer. There are two strands to the learning required: recruitment practice and competency based assessment.
Apprentices will also be provided with a module on employee rights and responsibilities, as well as functional skills including Maths, English and ICT.

Recruitment Apprentice Schemes
My Apprentice+ will deliver both Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeships. At the moment Level 2 is still being finalised by the awarding bodies. Therefore from June 2014 we are offering the Advanced Apprenticeship scheme to employment agencies:

Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Recruitment Practice (QCF)
This qualification has been developed to provide recruiters and potential recruiters with an industry recognised qualification at the QCF level 3, which is equivalent to A Levels on the framework. More details can be provided by My Apprentice+

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Recruitment (QCF)
This has been developed to provide an industry recognised competency qualification at QCF level 3. To achieve an NVQ, candidates must prove that they have the ability (competence) to carry out their role to the required standard. The NVQ’s will be assessed through demonstration and a portfolio of evidence.

These Apprenticeships will:
• Provide a structured development programme for new and existing recruitment staff.
• Improve staff retention and staff loyalty through investment in skills and qualifications.
• Ensure that recruitment staff develop effective competence and skill sets,
• Provide a fit-for-purpose apprenticeship framework than those currently used within the recruitment sector.
• Potentially minimise the existing reliance on graduates.

About My Apprentice+
My Apprentice+ employs individuals whose career has been in recruitment and understand the HR and Recruitment marketplace. With this knowledge we can confidently converse and support employment agencies in our chosen niche of Recruitment and HR Apprentices.

For more information call Simon Neale on 07740 422772 or Mike Case on 077710538348.

We look forward to discussing your recruitment needs and the opportunity to take on an Apprentice.